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Evanna Lynch World Elephant Day interview!

Nat Geo Kids chats to Harry Potter star and STAE ambassador Evanna Lynch…

10 facts about elephants

Discover these unforgettable facts about the gentle giants…

Science with Dr Karl: Why is it dark at night?

Night and dark with Dr Karl…

Did you know?

A new skyscraper goes up every five days in China.

More about China

Science with Dr Karl: In the eye of a fly!

Looking into a fly’s eyes with Dr Karl…

Science with Dr Karl: Mighty pythons!

All about pythons with Dr Karl…

Did you know?

Doodling can help you concentrate.

Science with Dr Karl: A wee fact about asparagus!

Asparagus and wee with Dr Karl…

Science with Dr Karl: Extraordinary X-rays

X-rays are under the microscope with Dr Karl…

Science with Dr Karl: Ants are Strong AND Clever

Dr Karl investigates ants and their behaviour

Science with Dr Karl: How planes fly!

Dr Karl explore how planes fly

Did you know?

Some experts think individual honeybees have different personalities.

More about honeybees

Science with Dr Karl: What is a sinkhole?

Dr Karl digs deep into sinkhole science

Science with Dr Karl: cicadas of summer!

Dr Karl explores the wonderful world of cicadas

Did you know?

Lightning can make the air around it five times hotter than the sun’s surface!

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