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Extinct Animals…

Meet some very special species whose existence came to a tragic end…

Satellites set to track animals from space!

Scientists want to understand more about migratory animals…

Quiz Whiz: Animals!

Are you a whiz on wildlife? The put your knowledge to the test…

Arctic Animals Memory Game!

Have a go at this brrr-illiant brain boggler…

Autumn Animals!

Check out our gallery of beautiful autumn animals!

30 cool facts about China!

Join us on a voyage to the Orient…

Storm Boy — in cinemas 17 January!

Get set for adventure with this summer’s most unforgettable movie, Storm Boy!

Lenny’s Book of Everything

Get ready for the incredible new book by Karen Foxlee…

Nile river facts

Discover this incredible natural wonder and invaluable source of life…

ALPHA: an epic adventure about a boy and a wolf!

Get set for this spring’s most amazing epic adventure movie, ALPHA!

Evanna Lynch World Elephant Day interview!

Nat Geo Kids chats to Harry Potter star and STAE ambassador Evanna Lynch…

10 unforgettable elephant facts!

Discover our fave facts about these gentle giants…

25 cool things about bugs!

Scared of creepy crawlies? Let’s see if we can change your mind…

Scientists still stumped by zebra stripes

What is the meaning of those stripy coats?

What is climate change?

We investigate…

Aboriginal Australian Culture: One of the Oldest Living Cultures

Explore Aboriginal Australian Culture, one of the oldest in the world!

Win a trip to the jungle with LEGO® City Jungle!

Get your entries in before the comp closes on the 30 November…

10 Hippo Facts!

They’re big, bulky and can deliver one serious chomp!

10 facts about the Vikings

Learn all about these Scandinavian sea-warriors!

The life cycle of flowering plants

Flower power! Discover how flowering plants reproduce…

Skara Brae facts!

Discover one of Britain’s most incredible pre-historic villages…

LEGO® City Jungle!

Adventure into one of the most exhilarating environments on Earth…

Brazil facts: discover this super-cool country!

From Rio de Janeiro to the Amazon rainforest!

Killer Whale Facts!

We get the lowdown one these magnificent marine mammals…

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