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10 terrifying T. Rex facts!

Get the lowdown on this famous deadly dinosaur…

Koala quiz

Test your knowledge on everything there is to know about koalas…
SGT Stubby MPU

Meet the King of the Beasts!

Discover more about these magnificent mammals…
  • QUIZ

    Which planet has the most moons?

Penguin Power!

Here are five splash-tastic reasons why these brilliant birds are one of our water heroes…

How to make a water clock

Find a use for an old plastic bottle by creating this clever clock…

Did you know?

There are more stars in the universe than grains of sand on all the beaches on Earth. That’s at least a billion trillion!

More about space

10 facts about elephants

Discover these unforgettable facts about the gentle giants…

25 cool things about bugs!

Scared of creepy crawlies? Let’s see if we can change your mind…

Scientists still stumped by zebra stripes

What is the meaning of those stripy coats?

The life of Nelson Mandela

Discover the world-famous human rights activist who became South Africa’s first black president…

15 top William Shakespeare facts!

Learn all about William Shakespeare, the world-famous playwright and poet…

10 facts about Ancient Egypt!

Discover the secrets of this ancient civilisation…

Structure of the Earth!

Join us on our journey to the centre of the Earth!

30 cool facts about China!

Join us on a voyage to the Orient…

10 facts about pandas!

Find out all about these brilliant bears!

10 tiger facts!

Check out these ten seriously fierce facts!

10 Lion Facts!

It’s time for the lowdown on these fierce felines…

17 explosive volcano facts!

Check out some fascinating facts about volcanoes!

10 facts about Ancient Greece

Learn all about this super-cool civilisation!

10 eye-opening facts about World War 2

Learn about this hugely important event in British history…

10 facts about the Arctic!

Get ready for a chill!

10 facts about polar bears!

Discover these brilliant beasts of the Arctic…

10 amazing Amazon facts!

Get ready to rumble in the jungle!

10 facts about the Vikings

Learn all about these Scandinavian sea-warriors!

15 fantastic facts about rainforests!

Join us on a tropical trip…

10 Facts About Ancient Rome

Discover the glory of Ancient Rome…

10 Facts about Space!

They’re out of this world, gang!

10 Facts About Honey Bees!

Find out all about our brilliant bees!

World War 1 facts

Nat Geo Kids travels back in time to find out more about a conflict that rocked the world…

10 Facts about Hurricanes!

Ten Facts about Hurricanes!

Ocean facts!

Take a deep breath and join us as we dive to the depths of the sea…

10 facts about great white sharks!

Learn all about the great white shark!

How to Make a Mummy!

Discover how the Ancient Egyptians made mummies!

Tsunami facts: check out the mighty wave!

Learn all about these mammoth forces of nature!

10 facts about koalas!

Learn all about these cute critters…

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