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4 October 2018


Test your brain with these fabulously fun games from John Adams! In Telestrations, players sketch a picture of a secret word. They then pass their pic to the person bedside them, who guesses what it is.

That person then gives their guess to the next person to draw and so on! The final drawing is then revealed. But will it look anything like the original word?

In Dinkee Linkee, players are asked four simple questions. The first person to work out what links the answers must shout out “DINKEE!” to win the round!

Think Words is a fast-paced, word game that challenges players to think quickly! Choose a category card and press the timer to start.

Can you say a word matching the category in ten seconds then press the letter on the wheel that matches it?!

The prize

Seven readers will bag TelestrationsDinkee Linkee and Think Words.

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