Mallory, Simon and Jared Grace have just moved into a new home – a house full of magical secrets! Join them on their adventures…

When Jared Grace finds his great-uncle’s book, “Arthur Spiderwick’s Field Guide to the Fantastic World Around You“, the Grace children realise they are not alone in their new house – that they’re sharing it with the magical and mysterious parallel world of the faerie. Wow!

Now the siblings want to share their story – but the faeries will do anything to stop them. Yikes!

Mallory, Simon and Jared need your help to share their story – but heed their warnings, wear some red, turn your clothes inside out – all anti-faerie devices – and get ready to enter an extraordinary world you never knew existed!


Meet the Grace children!

Jared Grace

Age: 9

Strengths: Brave, resourceful, creative and great at coming up with a plan – a natural leader

Weaknesses: A bad temper!

Hobbies and interests: Writing and making field notes, drawing, faerie lore


Simon Grace

Age: 9 (He’s Jared’s twin!)

Strengths: Sticks up for others – including animals

Weaknesses: Reckless – he’s known to put his own life in danger to help others!

Hobbies and interests: Reading, collecting and caring for animals (he has pet mice, cats, goldfish and even a griffin!)


Mallory Grace

Age: 13

Strengths: Responsible, loyal to her brothers

Weaknesses: Cautious, doesn’t like being caught unawares

Hobbies and interests: Fencing – Mallory takes nearly every opportunity to practice this skill and it comes in handy!


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The first three volumes in The Spiderwick Chronicles are out now – with more adventures coming in September with Book Four: The Ironwood Tree and Book Five: The Wrath of Mulgarath!




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