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Science with Dr Karl: How do birds flock?

Dr Karl explores how birds flock

Birds Memory

Can you tell your owls from your eagles?

Birds Bounce Back in the Amazing Azores!

NG KiDS heads to the Azores to meet a unique winged wonder….
General Animals

Extinct Animals…

Meet some very special species whose existence came to a tragic end…
Physical Geography

Nile river facts

Discover this incredible natural wonder and invaluable source of life…

Satellites set to track animals from space!

Scientists want to understand more about migratory animals…

25 cool things about bugs!

Scared of creepy crawlies? Let’s see if we can change your mind…
Prehistoric Animals

‘Rainbow dinosaur’ fossil discovered!

Check out this colourful, feathered fossil…

The life cycle of flowering plants

Flower power! Discover how flowering plants reproduce…
Physical Geography

17 explosive volcano facts!

Check out some fascinating facts about volcanoes!
General Entertainment

It’s NAT GEO WILD Safari Month!

Get ready to roar…
Sea Life

Loggerhead turtle facts!

How much do you know about these beautiful sea creatures?
Sea Life

Leatherback turtle facts!

Check out our splashing facts about these fab reptiles!
Sea Life

Green sea turtle facts!

Learn about these seriously super swimmers…
General Animals

Scorpion facts!

Learn all about this awesome arachnid!
General Animals

Rhino facts!

These animals are big, bulky and absolutely brilliant!

Mexico facts: discover this fascinating country!

Embark on a Mexican adventure…

Fabulous facts about Scotland!

Join us on a bonnie adventure, gang…

Italy facts: check out this beautiful country!

Learn all about the land of pizza, pasta and Pisa with our fascinating facts about Italy!

Country Fact File: Peru!

Find out all about the cool country of Peru!

15 fascinating facts about Sir David Attenborough

Check out some fascinating David Attenborough facts, from his very first documentary to his least favourite animal, below…

NG KiDS Heads to the Galápagos Islands!

Find out all about this incredible place and the amazing animals that live there…

Ostrich facts!

Get the lowdown on the world’s biggest bird!

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