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This is where you’ll discover fun (and furry!) animal facts about our planet’s incredible wildlife. From majestic mammals and soaring birds to super sea creatures and curious creepy crawlies – it’s an animal lover’s dream!

Discover rare and unusual species, brilliant bears, fierce felines, awesome reptiles and incredible marine life, just to name a few.

Learn animal facts about habitat, behaviour, speed and appetite (beware, the great white shark!) and most importantly, discover the threats that many of these amazing animals face today.

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Extinct Animals…

Meet some very special species whose existence came to a tragic end…

10 unforgettable elephant facts!

Discover our fave facts about these gentle giants…

25 cool things about bugs!

Scared of creepy crawlies? Let’s see if we can change your mind…
  • QUIZ

    Which planet has the most moons?

Scientists still stumped by zebra stripes

What is the meaning of those stripy coats?

Meet Some Deadly Dinos!

Join us as we get up-close with some prehistoric beasts!

Did you know?

Pelicans can hold 11 litres of water (the same as 32 cans of pop) in their bills.

‘Rainbow dinosaur’ fossil discovered!

Check out this colourful, feathered fossil…

Dakotaraptor: Scientists unearth giant winged raptor!

Could the huge predator really have challenged the T. rex?

Science with Dr Karl: How do birds flock?

Dr Karl explores how birds flock

10 Hippo Facts!

They’re big, bulky and can deliver one serious chomp!

Killer Whale Facts!

We get the lowdown one these magnificent marine mammals…

10 facts about pandas!

Find out all about these brilliant bears!

10 tiger facts!

Check out these ten seriously fierce facts!

10 Lion Facts!

It’s time for the lowdown on these fierce felines…

10 facts about polar bears!

Discover these brilliant beasts of the Arctic…

10 Facts About Honey Bees!

Find out all about our brilliant bees!

10 facts about great white sharks!

Learn all about the great white shark!

10 facts about koalas!

Learn all about these cute critters…

10 totally awesome facts about turtles!

Check out these turt-ally mad facts about turtles!

10 Top Cheetah Facts!

Meet one seriously fierce, fast and fur-ocious feline with these fascinating cheetah facts!

The Butterfly Life Cycle!

See the fascinating transformation from caterpillar to butterfly!

10 Facts About Emperor Penguins

Learn all about these brilliant birds of Antarctica!

10 leopard facts!

Find out all about leopards!

10 Giraffe Facts!

Discover ten facts about giraffes!

Jaguar facts

They’re fierce, fast and fur-ocious…

10 Hippo Facts!

They’re big, bulky and can deliver one serious chomp!

10 facts about bottlenose dolphins

Learn all about this magnificent marine mammal!

10 blue whale facts

Discover these gentle giants of the sea!

Killer Whale Facts!

We get the lowdown one these magnificent marine mammals…

Green sea turtle facts!

Learn about these seriously super swimmers…

Zebra facts!

How much do you know about these black and white beauties?

10 black bear facts!

Get the lowdown on these bear-illiant beasts!

Scorpion facts!

Learn all about this awesome arachnid!

10 Chimpanzee Facts

Find out what makes these gorgeous great apes so amazing…

Meerkat Facts!

Get the lowdown on one seriously cute critter with our mega meerkat facts!

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