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Science Primary Resources

Our primary resources for Science are a great tool for helping your pupils with their science projects and field experiments. Covering fun facts and in-depth features on animals, habitats and life cycles, as well as out of this world resources on space, the solar system and being an astronaut, National Geographic Kids has a wealth of resources to help you plan your classes.

Our free resources cover a range of KS1 and KS2 Science objectives from the National Curriculum and the Scottish Curriculum for Excellence, including forces, climate change and the environment.

We’ve divided our Science resources into sections, which are related to the curriculum, to make it even easier to find your way around. Give our teacher guides and lesson plans a go!


  • QUIZ

    What is your favourite reptile?

Woolly mammoth primary resource

Learn about the prehistoric woolly mammoth and how scientists are looking to bring them back!

Hope Works Project resources: Inspiring hope in children

Show children that they have the power to positively influence the world around them…

Life as an astronaut primary resource

Discover what it takes to become a real life astronaut

Sustainable living Geography primary resource

Explore fascinating facts about eco-friendly inventions and the importance of ‘green’ living to protect our planet

Plastic Pollution Primary Resource

Learn about the harmful effects of plastic waste on our oceans and find out how each of us can help!

Human eye primary resource

Peer into your peepers and find out how we see!

Star facts primary resource

Discover six stellar facts sure to blow your mind…

Bacteria Primary Resource

Discover the mighty micro-organisms that call your body “home sweet home…”

Eco Herb Garden Primary Resource

Get your fingers green with these home-grown, planet-friendly pots!

Accidental discoveries Primary Resource

Find out how making mistakes can lead to super scientific discoveries!

More Cool Stuff

Rainforests of life: Geography resource

Explore the rainforests’ positive ecological impacts on the Earth

Plastic Pollution Primary Resource

Learn about the harmful effects of plastic waste on our oceans and find out how each of us can help!

Endangered tiger: Science primary resource

Discover how a Siberian tiger cub was rescued and rehabilitated

Space facts primary resource

Understand more about our solar system with these fun facts!

Marine life of Australia’s coast: primary resource

Discover the secret underwater world of Australia’s coastline

Life in the rainforest primary resource

Discover the animals, insects, plants and people that make the African rainforest their home

Climate change: primary resource

Learn about global warming and what is being done to reduce its impact

Solar System Primary Resource

Take a fascinating journey through our solar system…

Polar Bear Primary Resource

Learn all about this Arctic animal

Charles Darwin: Theory of evolution resource

Discover what Charles Darwin meant by ‘natural selection’

Dinosaur primary resource: Identifying species

Discover the characteristics of some of the most recognisable dinosaurs

Digestive system: Science primary resource

Learn about the different organs that make up the digestive system

Sea safari: Animals primary resource

Find out what’s lurking in the mangroves of Mauritius

Peculiar plants: Science primary resource

Explore the unique and unusual features that plants can possess

Habitat investigation: Science primary resource

Learn about the different creatures that live in or around a pond

Neil Armstrong primary resource

Discover who Neil Armstrong was and how he became the first man to step foot on the Moon

Phases of the Moon Primary Resource

Learn about the different phases of the Moon as it orbits the Earth

Human Heart Primary Resource

Learn all about the human heart…

Siberian tiger primary resource

Learn how Siberian tigers are adapted for their environment

The brain primary resource

Learn some surprising facts about the human brain and how it functions

Human body primary resource

Learn some fascinating facts about the human body and how it works

Mars mission: Science primary resource

Explore what life may be like in space and on the Red Planet

Dinosaurs: Make your own dino bone

Create your own prehistoric discovery and test your knowledge with our quiz!

Dinosaur puzzles primary resource

Complete fun and educational puzzles about dinosaurs

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